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Allstate, Puch and Sears motorcycles (and the occasional Studebaker, Silvertone or Elgin, too!)

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On this page I've put links to other sites that have to do with Puch, Allstate, Silvertone & Studebaker. If you notice any broken links, let me know. Also let me know about your own favorite sites!

Matt Quirk at MotorWest, Inc in Milwaukee

Puch parts from Austria (RBO)

Another Austrian Puch Parts Site (Wieser's)!

Alex has a NEW site, Motorcycle Trading Post!! check them out!


Kurt in Austria (GREAT web page)

Chuck & Chris Collins, the best Studebaker parts people on the planet!

The Studebaker Museum (in South Bend, IN, of course)

The Studebaker Drivers Club (lots of interesting forums, with lots of friendly people)

The Avanti Owner's Association International (for not only the Studebaker-built Avanti, but the several generations that followed, too!)