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Allstate, Puch and Sears motorcycles (and the occasional Studebaker, Silvertone or Elgin, too!)

Oh no, now there are CARS too?
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Oh no, now there are CARS too?
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"Deliver more than you promise"

Studebaker's motto would be well applied in many business dealings, especially today.


This is my new family member, a 1960 Studebaker Lark Deluxe 2dr Sedan. Currently a flathead 6 with straight 3spd. Slowly will turn into a fuel-injected 289 Stude with a T-5. It already has the big brakes, and a Ford 8" with 4.11 gears and Moser axles, then it will be zoomy. A nice family project for the next couple of years.
It already has Camaro seats, and a Saginaw recirculating ball steering box in it too. I used the POR15 trunk and floor kit to get rid of the small amount of rust in the front floor pans.

Fixing the floors with POR15

The new wheel attached to the new Saginaw box


Studebakers will follow you everywhere

My fun little 1977 242DL Volvo (also sold!)

Studebakers are FUN! and the Grand Canyon Chapter of the SDC (Studebaker Driver's Club) puts on lots of great events each year. Looking forward to the International Meet in 2010 in Glendale!

Back of the gauge panel (modified radio delete plate)

This was my FORMER Studebaker, a 1952 Commander

A really cool Allstate tach from the 60's

The latest Studebaker at the house. 1958 Scotsman 4dr