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Model Numbers (What do I have?)
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A Service Manual would REALLY help!

I have reprints available of the following Sears motorcycle manuals:

* 250 Scrambler 810.94201
* 250 Early (14.5 hp, but will work for 98% of the 16.5 hp needs) 810.94222
* 250 Late (square tanker `67-`69) 810.89571/2
* Compact scooter (early model w/steel front fender) 810.94380
* Sport MoPed (will also work with 98% of Cheyenne needs) 810.94060/9
* MoPed 810.94020
* SR175 810.94211
* 125 Scooter (Vespa) 788.94331
* 125 Scooter (Vespa) 788.94493
* SR125 (radial head chrome-bore 2-stroke) 810.89581
* SR124 (Gilera) 808.895511
* 106SS (Gilera) 808.895403/13/23/33
* I have others too (Please inquire, send me the model # or a picture)

Each of these manuals is a photocopy of the original. Each has from 45-90 pages and is a combination of owner's manual, service manual and parts book. Will work for the European equivalent model (Puch, Gilera or Vespa) but is in English. All part numbers also work for the Euro-brands, as Sears (Allstate) did not re-number the parts when they became Sears models.

All manuals are GBC plastic comb bound and are 14.50 dollars each including U.S. postage. Please inquire for mailing costs overseas.