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Allstate, Puch and Sears motorcycles Copy
and Silvertone Radios, TOO!

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and Silvertone Radios, TOO!
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Toobs? What are Toobs?

I enjoy the deco look and warm sound of old tube-type radios. Since Silvertone was Sears brands name, well, those are the ones I have to have around the house. 5 tube, 6 tube, 8 tube, tuning eyes, LW, Standard Broadcast, SW, spread band, superheterodyne, Radionet, ooh, ooh, I love old radio talk!

I will try and put some pix and descriptions of some of the old warriors that I (with eBay's help) have managed to adopt in the last few years.

Model # 4585 1937 Silvertone Console

4585 Silvertone Console from 1937

This beauty was fully restored when I got it, and it truly looks the part. Nothing like the cool round dial and the bright green tuning eye. I had to have it. Don't ask how much.

Where do we go from here?

Tom in Florida ( says if this is really a Sears stuff site, then we have to have some info about Elgin and WaterWitch outboard motors. Perhaps he's right! The search is on.
If you like Studebakers (and WHO DOESN'T!?) look a few pages on . . .