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Allstate, Puch and Sears motorcycles Copy
Just Another Page of Things to Look At

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Just Another Page of Things to Look At
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WOW! a Puch 175MC! Like the Allstate 250 Scrambler, but based on a 175SVS. Tube frame, dual carbs! EXCELLENT!


My best bud Dack, checking out our tiddlers on the way to Sears Point for VMDW. There is a MZ TS150, a Honda CB160 and a Yamaha YA6 on that Holsclaw trailer.

53 Allstate Ad

An ad for a very rare car. A Sears Allstate. Only sold in 1952 and 1953. I have a `52, but it must go away as it is TOO rusty. This car was based on the Kaiser Frazer Henry J.

Reinhard's 250SGS

My friend Reinhard (who was a road tester at the Puch factory in the `60's) in Austria has a nice collection of bikes. This is his SGS250.

ISO motorcycle

A rare ISO motorcycle from Italy. This bike used the split single engine design as did Puch. Cool look too!

EMC 125

An EMC 125 racer. EMC (Ehrlich Motor Company) built split single engined bikes, both street and racers. Joe Ehrlich raced Puchs first, then built his own. Sammy Miller in England raced and won on EMC's and has some in his collection. His museum is truly a must see!